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Project - light control
Project - light control

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comfort 8+,
the comfortable light control.

The comfort 8+ system allows the light level and light colour to be set and called by a press of a button. Eight light groups with digital operating devices (e.g. fluorescent lamp, low-voltage halogen or high-voltage halogen lamps) can be selected. Eight light scenarios can be pre-programmed and also be called by the press of a button. Even dynamic processes of the set light scenarios are possible thanks to the operating and change-over times which can be set. In addition, 15 data bases each with eight light scenarios and processes can be stored in the system: a convenient system which does not require any system knowledge and can be programmed and operated by a nonexpert without any problems !

The system only consists of two components: the input device with the operating keyboard and a lit (and dimmable) display as well as the Uniplex controller with its eight control outputs. The input device is designed for the installation in a 68 mm flush box, and its design can be adjusted variably by the use of decorative covers.
     Wiring diagram

Additional equipment:
     >Input device as touch screen
     >Universal remote control
     >Memory stick with PC software scene editor