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lighting system - digital light control

der Kluth: GmbH
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D-40721 Hilden

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der Kluth:
the specialist for ceilings and lighting - with extensive experience in the design and construction of luminous ceilings. At the same time, we are a young and innovative company - our great success is based largely on focusing on the further development of »interior lighting«.
Luminous ceilings from der Kluth can be found for example on executive floors and in hotel foyers, showrooms, banking halls, consultancy rooms, doctors' practices and indoor swimming baths in Aachen und Baden-Baden, Berlin and Brussels, Dornbirn and Dresden, Geneva and Hamburg, on the isle of Lanzrote and in Mexico, in Lugano and Milan, Oslo and Paris, Beijing and Rome, on Sylt and in Tokyo, Venice and Untertürckheim ...

All of them are satisfied customers who decided in favour of prize-winning quality lighting. After all, der Kluth and their products have already won several design awards ...
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AIT award