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Project - high performance - light control

High performance 4000,
the high-end light control.

The high performance 4000 channel light control system provides almost limitless programming capabilities: the setting and call of the most different light scenarios and colour processes, design of own light scenario programs of any type and duration, thanks to their interfaces (RS 232 and infrared) the programmability by a PC, notebook, e-mail or internet. Actually, the system is operated via an input device for surface-type and flush mounting; in addition, the system includes Uniplex controllers which can also be mounted in the intermediate space of the ceiling or in the switchgear cabinet. Other building systems (e.g. awnings) can be integrated into this extremely complex control system. With its integrated time management system the high performance system can be extended to a full-service room management in this way. The individual program creation will, of course, be effected as to customer’s specifications for the light control system high performance: by appropriate pre-programming in the factory or an interaction with the building owner by one of our service technicians during commissioning.
Wiring diagram