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Project - luminous ceilings

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the luminous ceiling system

Luminous ceilings are the most refined way of providing pleasant overall lighting. Whether in offices or other business premises, surgeries or foyers, in sales areas or living-rooms: the right choice of general lighting is one of the main factors for ensuring well-being and stressfree working conditions. Luminous ceilings meet the highest requirements in this respect. And atensio®-lux is the first simple and cost-effective method of putting such lighting concepts into the practice - without requiring any complicated sub-structure. The quality of the flat illumination is unsurpassed thanks to the high transmittance of the atensio®-lux diffuser and the use of the most modern illuminants and control elements. Light regulation in the standard version is effected by means of a double control switch. Special accessories include daylight-dependent actuation, scenic lighting controls with programmable dimming, and colour temperature regulation with dynamic scenic sequences. On the following pages you will find additional information about four installation versions for atensio®-lux-luminous ceilings ...