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Digital 1-channel light control unit

SU-TAD converts analog signals from push buttons or 1-10 V control into digital DALI signals.
With light control unit SU-TAD memory up to 100 digital ballasts (DSI or DALI) can be controlled by standard 2-key push buttons
(as used for blind control) or 1-10V systems.

Control with 2-key push buttons: By pressing and holding buttons longer than 0,5 seconds, lamps will dim up or down. When buttons are pressed  briefly (shorter than 0,5 seconds) lamps will switch on or off. If switched off by push buttons or in case of power failure dimming level will be stored. If switched on again, lamps will start with last adjusted level.

Technical data in PDF
SU-TAD memory
SU-TAD on-off function
Control by 1-10 V system (1ph)
Control by 1-10 V system (3ph)
Control by 2-key push buttons (1ph)
Control by 2-key push buttons (3ph)