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the system of recessed fittings

recessed fittingsatensio-lux
System components:
The atensio®-lux illuminated ceiling consists of the diffuser material itself, the clamping profiles, the illuminants which are installed together with the required electronics on the bare ceiling (or wall), and of course the desired lighting control unit.
The diffuser material:
 Large-surface diffuser with exceptionally uniform luminance distribution, in widths up to 220 cm. The individual lengths can be combined to form surfaces of any shape and size.

Mounting technique:
 The clamping profiles are available in a standard version (visible) or in an extra-narrow version and are made of extruded plastic or aluminium. These are mounted on the walls or constructions on suspended ceilings using adhesive, screws or rivets.
See detailled drawing:
fixed mounting
tiltable frame

T5/T8 fluorescent lamps in white or coloured
Control unit:
Digital dimmable ECU, 1-100%, DALI
1-10 V control unit available on request