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The concept

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the system for luminous
ceiling elements

luminous ceilings - atensio-lux
System components:
atensio®-lux luminous ceiling elements consist of the diffuser material itself, special frame profiles made of extruded, anodized aluminium, the fastening system and the lighting system.
Additional Equipment:
atensio®-lux luminous ceiling elements are also available on request  with the patented, dust proofed, two-part diffuser system
see mounting technique. 

T5/T8 fluorescent lamps in white or coloured
Control unit:
Digital dimmable ECU, 1-100%, DALI
1-10 V control unit available on request

(without visible division) square or rectangular up to 2.4 x 2.4 m; round elements up to 2.4 m in diameter, ovals up to 1.5 m, or irregular shapes. Subdivided frames can be supplied in much larger dimensions and in all shapes.